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A high-tech afterschool
Where kids build their own fun

At TECH PARK KIDS, children harness technology to make new discoveries and new creations. With a diverse curriculum including programming, robotics, and digital art—as well as life skills, daily habits, and plenty of exercise—children develop confidence, creativity, and computer savvy in ways beyond what school, public programs, and homelife alone can offer.

Dear parents and guardians,

As a company of computer engineers, everyone here at Groovenauts has experienced the joys and expanded possibilities that come from learning to use new technology. That's why we've been able to create so many innovative products and services thus far. In our modern world so influenced by tech, learning to understand and enjoy IT will surely have a transformative power on the lives of our children.

TECH PARK KIDS is not a cram school, club, or classroom. It is, at its core and by design, an afterschool program.
To all the fathers and mothers trying to work and raise children, facing the dilemma of balancing career and home life, and giving your all to a job at the sacrifice of time with your kids—we want to help turn all of these challenges into opportunities. By offering the highest quality child care, we are striving to make enrollment into TECH PARK KIDS an act of love that will lead to a brighter future for your child.

I hope we can all come together—fathers, mothers, friends, and us—to raise children with unlimited potential.


Groovenauts, Inc.
Founder & Chairman, Kumiko Sasaki

Supporting working mothers and fathers in the region

In a society with less community support for child-rearing, we hope to provide assistance to working parents. While you give your all to provide for your family, rest assured that we are doing our utmost for you, too.