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TECH PARK KIDS' special curriculum

I can build my own toys!

The TECH PARK KIDS curriculum was developed to help children build confidence, foster creativity, and provide numerous opportunities to share new creations.
Children progress at their own pace, learning skills considered essential by professional engineers as they build toys, program games, and more.

TECH PARK KID's special curriculum

  • *Each part of the curriculum is divided into stages.
  • *Each stage is scheduled to last for approximately one month. Once the content of a stage has been mastered, children can advance to the next stage. If a stage is finished early, students can try applying the content to practical usage, or try higher leveled challenges.

See the curriculum in action!


Make the computer do what you want with your own programs!

  • Programming
  • Programming

Children have fun learning programming through tools like Scratch (a visual programming language developed for kids), Minecraft (the world famous building and exploration game), and more. Those interested can continue on to more advanced languages, such as Ruby or Javascript, which are used by real professional engineers. As their skills develop, children can even start coding their own apps and games.


Piece together parts and sensors to create your own robots!

  • Robotics
  • Robotics

Children learn to piece together components, connect wiring, and program their own robotic creations. Dinosaurs, race cars, whatever! The shape, movements, and capabilities of each robot depends on the imagination of its builder. As they learn about each component and sensor, children can create more intricate and advanced designs.

And that's not all!

Presentations, design, music editing, CG, 3D printing, science experiments, exercise, and more!