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Facilities and pricing

A safe, comfortable space in Tenjin

newly furnished and beautiful!

Located in the Imaizumi area at the center of Fukuoka, TECH PARK KIDS features a pleasant, cafe-like, open space design. Parents and guardians are welcome to come in to get their children after work.

At approx. 132 square meters, facilities include a shower, room for resting, bouldering wall, and access to a workshop with 3D printers and other high-tech machines.

Getting here

〒810-0021 Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Chuo-ku, Imaizumi 1-19-22
Tenjin CLASS 3F Groovenauts, Inc. [MAP]
Transportation options:
  • By Nishitetsu train: 5 minutes walk from the south exit of Nishitetsu Tenjin Station.
  • By subway (Nanakuma Line): 6 minute walk from the exit #1 of Tenjin Minami Station.
  • By subway (Airport Line): 8 minute walk from exit #2 of Tenjin Station.
  • By Nishitetsu bus: 2 minute walk from the Imaizumi 1-chome bus stop (in front of the Apple Store and ViVi Fukuoka).

Services and courses

Service overview

We offer our basic services for a monthly membership fee, as well as additional optional services.

Basic services
Weekday afterschool and long vacation care
Technology-focused curriculum
Get notified when your child arrives or leaves
Life skills and study habits support
Optional services
Extended hours
Lunch and dinner
Additional day
Transportation service

Afterschool Course

Basic services


Optional services

Kids spend afterschool hours engaging with all sorts of technology. We work with families to make individualized plans for homework/life skills support.

Service hours

Afterschool course
General service hours Normal month Weekdays 14:00–19:00
Long vacations Weekdays 8:30–19:00
Extended hours Year round Weekdays 19:00–21:00
Special days School entrance/closing ceremonies,
graduations, and substitute holidays for events
*Apply by the end of the previous month
School closures 8:30–14:00
*Only healthy children may attend during flu-related school closures
TECH PARK holidays Sat/Sun, holidays, New Year's, Obon

*As of 2018/9/11


Enrollment and service fees (pre-tax)

Enrollment fee ¥20,000
Materials fee ¥3,000/month
Number of days
(Select from M–F)
Afterschool course
(General service hours M–F)
5 days/week ¥54,000
4 days/week ¥48,000
3 days/week ¥39,600
2 days/week ¥31,200
1 days/week ¥24,000

*All prices shown are pre-tax (2017/2/10)

Optional service fees

Afterschool members can select from the following optional services.

Option Description Notes Price
Additional day Purchase additional days
For those attending 1–4 times per week
Weekdays 14:00–19:00 ¥4,500
Additional day
(During long holidays)
Purchase additional days
(for those attending 1–4 times per week)
Weekdays 9:30–19:00 ¥6,000
Extended hours AM Pack (8:30–9:30)
PM Pack (18:00–19:00)
PM Pack + Dinner (18:00–20:00)
Advance registration required AM: ¥1,000
PM: ¥1,000
PM+Dinner: ¥2,600
Lunch and dinner Lunch: only available during long vacation hours
Dinner: only available during extended hours
Allergy accommodation available
Can be ordered up to 3 days prior
Transportation Taxi pickup/drop-off Can be ordered up to 3 days prior Actual cost
Staff escort for transportation Taxi: available within 2 km/30 min radius
Walking: available within 1 km/30 min radius
Can be ordered up to 3 days prior ¥1,000

*All prices shown are pre-tax (2017/2/10)


Payments processed through bank withdrawal. First and second months are paid through bank transfer.
Basic service fees (monthly membership costs) are withdrawn the month prior, while fees for any optional services used are withdrawn from your specified account the following month.

Managing company

Groovenauts, Inc., TECH PARK KIDS
Office information:
Phone: 092-982-0180
Fax: 092-986-2793
Website: http://www.groovenauts.jp/