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How to register

As there are limited spots availble, we recommend registering as soon as possible. The first step is attending an orientation meeting for parents and guardians.


Attend orientation meeting for parents and guardians

Learn about TECH PARK KIDS' features, curriculum, and facilities. See dates/times for future meetings and register at our blog or Facebook page. Feel free to contact us with questions at any time.


Bring your child for a trial experience

After attending an orientation meeting, the next step is a trial experience with your child. There, you will try out one of the tech-learning aspects of our special curriculum. Visit our blog or Facebook page to see past trial experiences.


Layout your child's afterschool plan at a personal interview

At this interview, you'll be able to discuss your child's schedule, any special needs, optional services like dinner and taxi pickup, and the like. Required forms will be explained and given to you, as well as any other steps required for finalizing registration.


Fill out required forms, finish registration!

Once you've completed and submitted the required paperwork, your application will be sent to the managing adminitration. If your application meets their approval, then your registration is complete.

  • *Taking forms home and returning them on a later date is fine.
  • *Applications may be denied due to spots being unavailable or other reasons.