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Winter School 2019 Winter School 2019Registration is closed


2019/ 12/ 2427

and 2020/ 1/ 6

6 12
Open from8:30 21:00

Winter School Try cool new activities during
your short winter break!

Fun learning activities for all skill levels

We can start with basics like using a mouse and typing,
so even kids who have never used a PC or tablet are welcome.

Discover new interests through all kinds of activities

You can learn more than just programming at TECH PARK.
With activities from digital fab to design and art,
Kids are sure to find new passions.

Flexible scheduling to meet your family’s needs

You don’t need to come to ever day of Winter School.
Choose days to attend that fit with your family trips and schedule.

Activities & Schedule

Basic Course

For kids new to playing with tech

These activities are designed for kids who are new to using computers, craftmaking, and such. On programming days, we start with the very basics of using computers like using a mouse and keyboard, so even complete beginners are welcome.

Advanced Course

For kids who want to play with lots more tech!

These activities are designed for kids who are ready to try some new challenges. As the name implies, kids can try more advanced techniques compared to the basic course.

All kinds of fun Winter School Calendar

2019 December
16 (Mon)
20 (Fri)



Computer & craftmaking fundamentals

Learn the basics of craftmaking and using PCs

PC and craftmaking basics
24 (Tue)


Programming: Brighten up Christmas with LEDs!

Programming: Brighten up Christmas with LEDs!

Use a micro:bit to add electronics to Christmas-themed crafts.


Programming: Brighten up Christmas with LEDs!

Programming: Brighten up Christmas with LEDs!

Combine electronics with programming by using a micro:bit to control a Christmas tree’s LED lights.

25 (Wed)


Programming: Make a lights display

Programming: Make a lights display

Use tools like Viscuit and Scratch to program animations.


Programming: Make a lights display

Programming: Make a lights display

Use Scratch to create animations with physics and mathematics.

26 (Thu)


Programming: Make games

Programming: Make games

Learn priciples of conditional branches and cloning while using Viscuit/Scratch to make a snowball fight game.


Programming: Create fractal patterns of snow


Use Processing to program Koch curve algorithms and create natural shapes using math.

27 (Fri)


Art: Special art class


Learn from Mr. Dover in a special art class


AI Programming: Play with AI


Try out programming with AI using TECH PARK’s AI Block in Scratch.

2020 January
6 (Mon)


Traditional craftmaking: Design a spinning top

Use a computer to design a spinning top.


Traditional craftmaking: Design a spinning top

Use Processing to design a spinning top.

*Activities may change

A day at TECH PARK Winter School Schedule

Time Activity
8:30–9:30 Early extended hours (optional)
9:30–10:00 Arrive at TECH PARK
10:00–10:50 Self-study time
10:50–11:00 Break
11:00–12:00 Computer training or workshop
12:00–13:20 Lunch/free time
13:20–13:30 Activity prep
13:30–14:20 Activity 1
14:20–14:30 Break
14:30–15:20 Activity 2
15:20–15:40 Snack time/break
15:40–16:30 Activity 3
16:30–17:00 Clean up
17:00–18:00 Head home
18:00–20:00 Extended hours (optional)

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Materials & Equipment

  • Viscuit
    A visual programming language that can make your drawings move. Useful for teaching programming to kindergarten and early elementary-aged children.
  • Scratch
    A visual programming language for kids developed at MIT. Learn the principles of programming through connecting puzzle-like pieces to write code.
  • micro:bit
    Micro computer boards developed for educational use that you can connect to all sorts of sensors, LEDs, speakers, and more. Perfect for introductory electronics.
  • Thinkarcad
    Simple to learn 3D modeling software that can export models to our 3D printer.
  •  3D プリンター
    3D printer
    Print out all sorts of objects. You can even print out parts to use in electronics projects or other crafts.
  • レーザーカッター
    Laser cutter
    Just create a design and send it to the laser cutter to engrave your art onto a variety of materials.
  • Google Slide
    Google Slides
    Free online presentation software. Kids learn explain the story behind their projects and learn valuable presenation skills.

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Pricing & Terms

Enrollment fee 20,000 JPY
*For new TECH PARK users only
Usage fee 8,500 JPY /day (9:30–18:00)
*A separate materials fee is required for some activities.
Optional services
*Require advance notice
Extended hours AM extended hour (8:30–9:30): 1,000 JPY
PM extended hour (18:00–19:00): 1,000 JPY
Dinner included extended time (18:00–20:00): 2,600 JPY
PC rental 2,000 JPY /day
*Rental PCs are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.
Lunch fee 600 JPY /meal
Taxi service Actual fare
Enrollment Details
Ages K–6th (6–12 years old)
*Please consult us regarding middle schoolers
Class size Basic course (K-4th): 30 students
Advanced course (4–6th, middle schoolers): 10 students
Facilities Toilet, handwashing station, shower, water cooler, AC,
rest area, flooring and carpeting, books
How to apply Attend an info session to receive application materials.
Submit your application materials and send your payment to complete enrollment process.
*Those who have used TECH PARK previously can register online.
Application period TECH PARK members: Opens 10/1 (Tue)
Non-members: Opens 11/2 (Sat)
First cut-off: 11/30 (Sat)
Final cut-off: 12/15 (Sun)
*May end early if all spaces are filled.
Info session/trial lesson dates 6 members per session
11/2 (Sat)  11:00–12:00, 14:00–15:00
11/9 (Sat)  11:00–12:00, 14:00–15:00
11/16 (Sat) 11:00–12:00, 14:00–15:00
11/23 (Sat) 11:00–12:00, 14:00–15:00
12/1 (Sun)  11:00–12:00, 14:00–15:00
Things to prepare A laptop for your child to use with the following specs:
  • OS: Windows7 64 bit or newer
    Memory: At least 4 GB
    CPU: Intel Core i5 or faster
    Storage: At least 128 GB
  • OS: macOS Mojave ver 10.14 or newer
    Memory: At least 4 GB
    Storage: At least 128 GB
A Gmail address for your child to use

How to Register

Space is limited, so register to attend an info
session with your child soon!

  1. Step 1 Info Session
  2. Step 2 Apply
  3. Step 3 Start!

Attend Info Session

Parent Comments

  • My daughter can be quick to start then drop new activities, but she’s still doing the things she's learned at TECH PARK at home even now that the new school year has started. I'm so grateful to TECH PARK for lighting that fire in my daughter!
  • As always, my son is very satisfied with TECH PARK. He seems inspired by all the different projects the other children make. Thank you.
  • My child started with zero experience with computers, but they've gained new skills with each lesson. Having pros teach the lessons is wonderful, and my child loves interacting with their teachers.

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