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curriculum, activities, and staff

Gain all sorts of new skills
while using technology


Problem solving through creating

More than anything else, our curriculum emphasizes figuring out ways to bring ideas to life. That can start with prototypes from paper, toy bricks, or the like, as kids gradually get closer to realizing their idea. Instead of aiming for one “correct” answer, kids learn through small creations as they work and make improvements towards a larger project.

Teamwork through group projects

At TECH PARK, we focus strongly on project-based learning. Groups of children come together to work towards a shared goal, learning to respect and cooperate with people with different skills and ways of thinking.

Expressing your ideas
through presentations

Kids learn how to organize their ideas and share them with others. In order to explain their projects—why they chose to create them and their process—it’s important for kids to first figure out their own story.

Special lessons with
our partners

  • Asahi Shimbun

    Asahi Shimbun

    Reporters from Asahi Shimbun taught the kids how to make a newspaper describing their projects.



    Taught a workshop on building, swapping parts, and programming walking robots.

  • Gangarion


    Used card games as the theme to teach about gamemaking. Kids tested and fine-tuned rules and balance for their games.

  • KOO-KI


    These renowned Fukuoka filmmakers led a special workshop where kids worked in teams to create films with the theme “reverse playback.”

  • Craft House

    Craft House

    Taught kids how to cut, engrave, stain, coat, and sew real leather to make key cases.

  • Shikumi Design

    Shikumi Design

    Led a special workshop on their futuristic AR musical instrument, KAGURA, and visual programming language, Springin’.

  • Sony Store Fukuoka Tenjin

    Sony Store Fukuoka Tenjin

    Led a filmmaking workshop using their SLR and 4K video cameras in which kids created commercials and promotional movies.

  • Chocolate Shop

    Chocolate Shop

    Led project-based learning lessons to develop an actual product. Kids worked through each step of the process, from market planning and concept design, to making prototypes and a final product.

  • Fukuoka Architecture Foundation

    Fukuoka Architecture Foundation

    Took students on a special tour around the city to teach about the history and design of buildings from different eras.

  • Mont Blanc Pictures

    Mont Blanc Pictures

    Led a workshop on making digital picture books using illustrations from their picture book, “Chad and Clark.” The kids used the backgrounds and characters to make and present their own original stories.

Original activities

TECH PARK’s parent company, Groovenauts, develops a cloud AI platform. Using their
skills and know-how, they collaborated with TECH PARK to create AI blocks for the Scratch programming language.
These blocks are now being tested for programming lessons at elementary schools.

AI Block Details

And all sorts of other activities:

AI, games, art, music, websites, etc.
Simple robots, micro:bits, making instruments
3D modeling (CG)
Characters, game items, etc.
3D modeling (CAD)
3D printer data, buildings, vehicles, etc.
Scenario writing, storyboarding, filming, editing, dubbing, etc.
Digital art
Photography, illustrations, pattern design, poster making, music making, etc.
Taught by an American artist
DIY projects
Lamps, leather working, digital sewing machines, stools, picture frames, bookshelves, etc.
Board games
Shogi, international games, game designing, etc.
Making transparent plant specimens, slime-making, science kit experiments
Project-based learning
Brainstorming topics, evaluating solutions, solving the problem
Making presentation slides, giving presentations, presentation manners, etc.
Field work
Creating 3D models or photos of buildings around the city, tours of local businesses, collaborations with partner companies, etc.

Experienced staff from
all sorts of backgrounds

Beyond expert engineers, our staff also includes a clinical
psychologist, mentors, and other members that work together to support each child.

Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Programmers & Creators
Programmers & Creators
Service Manager
Service Manager
Specialized staff support each child
Specialized staff support each child

Staff Intros

  • Ms. Kuboyama

    Service Manager (after school, child support)

    Ms. Kuboyama

    TECH PARK roles
    General management
    Making accessories, handicrafts, puzzles, karaoke
    Past experience
    Customer relations, children’s English teacher, trading business, and more
    Drawing from own parenting experience, we strive to offer a place that parents can rest easy knowing their children are safe, and kids can proudly say “today was fun!” Please feel free to ask anytime about our services or your children’s concerns.
  • Mr. Akahoshi


    Mr. Akahoshi

    TECH PARK roles
    Planning, PR, programming, AI, presentations, collaborations
    Golf, tennis, kickboxing
    Past experience
    IT-related school management, college and high school career counseling, etc.
    I lead the trial lessons and collaborations with partners at TECH PARK. I like to have fun, but I’m also serious sometimes! I’m trying to make TECH PARK a place where you can pursue your passions!
  • Mr. Hanada


    Mr. Hanada

    TECH PARK roles
    Programming, electronics, digital fab, digital art
    Dance, board games, programming
    Past experience
    Developing games, iPhone apps, interactive art with visual programming languages
    I work as a programmer, and I hope to help kids imagine “what kind of fun things can I do with computers?”
  • Ms. Satomi


    Ms. Satomi

    TECH PARK roles
    Digital art, digital fab
    Digital illustration, games, anime, karaoke, clothes-making
    Past experience
    Studied clothes-making and design at a fashion design college, manager at an apparel shop, site management, selling handmade items and LINE stamps
    I’m good with my hands, so leave the crafts and sewing lessons to me! You can also ask me about how to draw illustrations or for game tips!
  • Ms. Takebe

    Advisor (Clinical Psychologist, Fukuoka Board of Education)

    Ms. Takebe

    Cello, sculpture, games
    Clinical psychologist, professor at the Fukuoka Kodomo Junior College (Developmental Psychology, Mental Health), vice chairperson at Gakudou Hoiku Kyoukai (NPO), school counselor, Fukuoka Board of Education member, advisor for Hakata Gakuen, school counselor at Hakata High School