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Scratch extension blocks!

Let’s try AI!

What’s AI?
Example using the AI Blocks

Step 1

First, we need to have the AI remember lots of images. Open up the training tool, hold things in front of your camera, and click the button to register images. After you’ve registered your training images, click the “Train” button. Once the training finishes, click the “Upload” button and copy your secret key.

Open The Training Tool

First comes training!

Step 2

Open a special version of Scratch that can use the AI blocks, then add the “Image Detection” blocks from the extensions menu. This will add 6 new blocks to Scratch that can use AI for image detection.

Open Scratch

Adding extensions to Scratch

Step 3

Enter your secret key into the AI block so it can access the AI that you trained to recognize images. Now you can try out using AI in your programs! You can also use the following templates to quickly make simple games.

Download Template (Action Game)

Download Template (Quiz Game)

Playing with the AI Blocks

We developed the AI block so that anybody can easily try out using AI. It was made with the support of Google and uses TensorFlow. TECH PARK (managing company: Groovenauts) is a partner with the Grow with Google program, and we will continue to offer new opportunities for kids to use AI.

Please read the AI Block Terms of Use before using the AI Blocks.

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