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After School Play with tech at our
fully-featured after school service

Fun, comprehensive after school childcare
to support busy parents

After school at TECH PARK isn’t just about playing with tech.
We also provide comprehensive care so you
can focus on enjoying your precious evening hours with your kids.

A place to support busy parents
Childcare to support
busy parents
A place to experience the latest tech
Play with the
latest tech

Beyond just tech activities, we also
provide great, comprehensive child support



Homework support,
dinner, and more


Fun, educational

For kids aged 5–8

We offer comprehensive childcare service for kids aged 5–8 years old.

Until as late as 9 pm

With childcare available from 14:00–21:00, busy parents can relax knowing their kids are safe and supported after school.

Dinner, taxi pick-up,
and other optional services


Our optional services offer support even when you’re busy until late at night. At TECH PARK, kids can get a healthy dinner, rinse off in a private shower, and be accompanied home via taxi.

Healthy dinners

Hungry kids can enjoy a healthy, balanced meal. Feel free to consult us regarding allergies or dietary needs.

Private shower

Kid can rinse off and be ready for bed after a full day of activities.

Taxi service

Our taxi service partners can take your kids straight home.

After School

From leaving school to heading home—our after
school program is full of fun
learning opportunities. Flexible scheduling available.

Example schedule

  • 14:00

    Welcome to TECH PARK!

    Arrive at TECH PARK after school ends.
    Parents get an email notification upon arrival.
    *Taxi service available

    14:00 school ends
  • 14:30

    Homework and self-study

    Gotta get homework done first!
    Staff is available to help with tricky parts.

    14:30 homework and self-study
  • 15:30

    Snacks and exercise

    Once homework’s done,
    enjoy a healthy afternoon snack.

    Afternoon snacks and exercise
  • 17:00

    Play with tech!

    Program games and apps, create digital art,
    or build cool robots in
    our original learning activities.

    17:00 Tech activities

*19:00–21:00 care is available as an optional service

  • 19:00

    A nutritious dinner

    After a full day of learning and fun, enjoy a healthy dinner and get ready for bed with a rinse in the private shower.
    *Dinner is an additional option

    19:00 Nutritious dinner
  • 20:00

    Free time

    Reading, school prep, or craft-making:
    Choose your own adventure!

    20:00 Free time
  • 21:00

    Nice work today!

    Head home and rest after
    a full day of learning and fun!

    21:00 Goodnight!

Course Menu

*Pre-tax prices shown

After school Kindergarten
Age range Elem. 1–3rd Kindergarten
Explanation Comprehensive, tech-focused childcare with with pick-up service, dinner, late-night care, and other options available.
Standard care hours 14:00–19:00 15:00–19:00
Extended care hours 8:30–14:00, 19:00–21:00 (prior notification required)
Tech activity time 17:15–18:45
Enrollment fee 20,000 JPY
Tuition 2days/week 33,600 JPY/month 40,000 JPY/month
3days/week 46,800 JPY/month 54,000 JPY/month
4days/week 57,600 JPY/month 64,000 JPY/month
5days/week 66,000 JPY/month 70,000 JPY/month
equipment fee
5,000 JPY/month
Optional Services
After school Kindergarten
Extended hours 500 JPY/30 minutes 600 JPY/30 minutes
Half-day addition 4,500 JPY/half-day
(8:30–14:00 or 14:00–19:00)
5,500 JPY/half-day
(8:30–14:00 or 14:00–19:00)
Full-day addition 6,000 JPY/day
7,000 JPY/day
Lunch/dinner 600 JPY/meal
Taxi Actual fee
Travel companion service 1,000 JPY/trip
Taxi trips within a 2 km/30 minute radius
Wwalking within a 1 km/30 minute radius

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