TECH PARK | 福岡市 天神にある、テクノロジーと遊ぶアフタースクール(学童保育)


Season School Enjoy great all-day activities
during long school holidays

Encourage your child’s curiosity with
all sorts of great activities


All skill levels welcome

All kids can enjoy our courses, even if they’ve never touched a computer. Starting with basics like using a mouse and typing, kids build confidence and new skills. Younger students can focus on using their hands to build crafts, while older students can focus on programing games or creating 3D models.

Taught by professional programmers

Expert programmers from our Google-partnered company not only teach our lessons, but have also evaluated all sorts of programming languages and activities to create our curriculum from scratch.

Enjoy your long holidays with our safe, fun,
and learning-filled activities!


For kids aged 5–12

Kids in grades K–6th can enjoy Winter and Spring School, while Summer School is available for kids in 1–6th grade.

Care from 8:30 until as late as 21:00

Wake up and head straight to a great day at TECH PARK. Care from 8:30–9:30 and 18:00–21:00 are extra options.

Flexible scheduling to fit your plans

Our flexible scheduling lets you fit TECH PARK around your family plans and choose which days to attend.

How to Register

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