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Join our new weekday programming course

TECH PARK is starting a new weekday programming course from October

It’s been two years since we started TECH PARK. We now have over 160 members, and if we include special events, over 400 kids have come to try out our activities. About 100 K–6th graders (50 new members and 50 who were already members) attended Summer School this year enjoyed programming, design, electronics, craftmaking and more.

After numerous requests from parents, we will be starting a programming course for 4–8 students starting in October. The class will meet every other week for six lessons and students will learn the basics of using computers and work up towards programming their own original works.

While our Season Schools feature a variety of activities and the after school program where kids choose what to focus on, the programming course focuses on one topic and builds upon skills with each successive lesson.

Since it includes elements of arithmetic and science,  we’ve split the course into a basic class for 1–3rd graders and an advanced course for 4th graders and up. For example, younger students might use ideas like distance, speed, and gravity in their work, while older students might need to use concepts from middle school math.

We hope kids interested in programming and computers will come join this programming course!

Those new to TECH PARK are invited to join an info session to learn more. If you’re already a TECH PARK member and would like to join the programming course, please contact us directly.


Sorry, this event has ended.

Basic course overview (1–3rd graders):

Kids create 2–3 works over the course of 6 lessons with a goal of mastering using computers. As they get used to keyboards and mice, they create and improve animations, games, and digital art. This class is for kids in grades 1–3, and even kids who’ve never used computers can join. Kids practice the alphabet and use multiplication and division as they program.

Advance course overview (4th graders and up):

Students use mathematical concepts like coordinates and angles as they design and implement shooting games, puzzles games, and more. In this course, kids gain the ability to design and program their own original games. Targeted for 4th graders and up, this course is for kids who are already generally used to using computers. Those who like math are certainly welcome, and we hope this class can help those who don’t like it to start enjoying it!

Fees (pre-tax):

Course fee (6 lessons): 39,000 JPY (tuition/materials fee 13,000 JPY per month)


・Enroll with a sibling or friend and both parties will get a 3,000 JPY discount

・TECH PARK members (after school or season school) can get a 6,000 JPY discount

Additional options:

・PC rental: 1,000 JPY per day

Items to bring:



Tenjin CLASS 3F, 1-19-22 Imaizumi, Chuo, Fukuoka, Fukuoka
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