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Private info sessions for Spring School 2018

Come learn about Spring School 2018 at TECH PARK

The mornings and evenings are still chilly, but it’s starting to get warmer during the day. The new school year has started and it’s already almost time for the spring holidays.

This time of year is always busy with something, and there are probably times when you can’t do as much with your kids as you’d like. Why not take this as an opportunity for them to try something new at TECH PARK?

Spring School 2018 will last from 3/19 (Mon)–4/11 (Wed) and feature programming, robotics, electronics, and all kinds of other activities for kids from K–6th grade.

Kids can try all kinds of activities and discover new passions, choose days to attend based on their interests, or come on days when both parents need to work—There are all kinds of ways to enjoy TECH PARK.

We invite anyone interested in Spring School to attend an info session to learn more or see if your child enjoys trying an activity at a trial lesson.

First time attending TECH PARK?

We’ll explain more about the activities/schedule and how to register at the info sessions and trial lessons. Register to attend below!

Info session registration form:

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Spring School 2018 overview:

 Dates: 3/19–4/11

Time: 9:30–18:00 (8:30–9:30, 18:00–21:00 childcare available at an extra cost)

Class size: 20 students (K–3rd), 10 students (3–6th)

*Registration will close once all available seats are filled

Registration period: 3/1 (Thu)–3/16 (Fri)

Items to bring: Laptop, homework/study materials, lunch

Location: TECH PARK (Tenjin CLASS 3F, 1-19-22 Imaizumi, Chuo, Fukuoka)

Details: Lunch bento available to order. Extended morning/night hours available at an extra cost.

Registration process: Attend an info session/trial lesson, fill out the application forms, pay fee

Managed by: The TECH PARK Management Office (Groovenauts, Inc.)