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Personal Info Sessions for Winter School 2017

TECH PARK Winter School 2017 Info Sessions

Do you ever feel like the winter holiday just flies by?  With Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's, the holidays go quickly.

During this busy time for parents, why not give your kid the chance to experience new things at TECH PARK? We’ll hold our Winter School 2017 activities from Dec 23 through Jan 7, 2018. You can sign up for as many or as few days as you wish, making it perfect to fit around family trips or plans.

We’re preparing all sorts of great programming, robotics, electronics, design, and other activities for kids from K–6th grade to enjoy. We’ll also have special two day activities for kids in grades 3 and up to really dig deep into a topic, so you can decide whether to try out lots of activities or focus more on a single theme. We’ll publish more details on a special Winter School 2017 page next month.

If you’re interested in Winter School, we invite you to come to an info session or trial lesson where you can see if your child shows interest in the activity or not.

For those new to TECH PARK:

We’ll provide details on activities, schedules, and how to apply at info sessions and trial lessons, and you can register to attend an info session with the form at the bottom of this page.

Come try out TECH PARK activities at the following events:

Sorry, these events have ended.

Sign up to attend an info session:

Sorry, these info sessions have ended.

For those who already attend TECH PARK:

We’ll send out an email with details about Winter School 2017 in early November. Add us on LINE if you want to get the latest news as quickly as possible.

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