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Announcing end of the TECH PARK MAKERS service

Thank you for supporting TECH PARK KIDS.

It’s been one year since the opening of TECH PARK. We’re grateful for all that we’ve been able to learn from our interactions with many kids and those who support them.

At the same time, as we gain experience, we feel that we need to increase and refine our efforts to keep up with the growing potential of the kids.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to use all of TECH PARK as one facility for children.

Up until now, TECH PARK was split into TECH PARK KIDS, a facility for kids, and TECH PARK MAKERS, a workshop for makers. From now own, we have combined the two facilities into simply TECH PARK, which will be used only for children.

The TECH PARK MAKERS and TECH PARK KIDS services will end on March 3, 2017.

We’ll continue to do our best as TECH PARK to help your kids realize their incredible potential.