TECH PARK | 福岡市 天神にある、テクノロジーと遊ぶアフタースクール(学童保育)




For today’s post, we’ve collected some frequently asked questions from the info sessions we’ve held about TECH PARK KIDS. If you’re thinking about attending an info session, we hope these responses will help answer your questions, too!

Q1.When does TECH PARK open?

April 1, 2016. We’re planning to continue morning care until the entrance and opening ceremonies.

Q2.When can I apply?

We’ll schedule individual interviews with those who attend info sessions and trial lessons, and we will explain the application process at those interviews. The earliest time for applications are scheduled for late December to early January.

Q3.Do you have any other locations?

No, we will have only one location. Our new after school will be in Tenjin, Fukuoka.

Q4.Can families without two working parents join?

Yes. Having two working parents is not a requirement for joining. TECH PARK can also be used in combination with school childcare and other extracurricular lessons.

Q5.How about just joining during summer break?

We’ve received comments about wanting to attend only during long holidays, so we’re considering dedicated summer break plans.

Q6.How many members of staff are there?

We plan to start with two childcare specialists and two IT specialists. We’ll increase the number of staff as the numbers of students increases.

Q7.My kid has only used a tablet. Can they still attend?

We’re preparing lessons about computer basics into our curriculum, so even kids who’ve never touched a computer are welcome to attend. The lessons will teach skills like how to use a mouse and keyboard, the alphabet, and the like.

Q8.Do I need to buy a computer if we join?

If you have an extra laptop at home, please bring it with you. Any Windows or Mac PC released in the last 3 years will be fine. You can contact us if you’re not sure about the specs or purchase date.

We’re happy to answer any other questions you have, and we hope to see you at an info session soon!