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Make Finishing Homework into a Game!

Helping children build foundational daily life habits is something all of us take seriously at TECH PARK. In today's post, we'll introduce one of the ways we teach these habits: homework support.

First, let's get our homework done!

After washing hands, gargling, and putting bags into lockers, children take out their communication books from school which we look through to check on the day’s homework. Kanji writing practice, read-alouds, math drills; children use this time to finish up all of their tasks.up1 Having heard many parents say things like, "she just doesn't do her homework," or, "he always forgets about things," study time at TECH PARK starts with making a to-do list before kids start tackling each piece of homework.

Gamify homework time with a to-do list

First, children start by writing each homework task onto a post-it note, and then stick these onto their notebooks. Children receive circle marks or remove notes each time they finish a task. up2 This kind of system is often called "task management" at work.

Watching the kids, it's usually not that they forget to do homework because they want to forget. Rather, it's a matter of forgetting where they wrote down what to do.

By using to-do lists to organize and gamify homework time, the children at TECH PARK are motivated to get their homework done quickly. It also probably helps that they can eat snacks and learn about cool tech afterwards!