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Join an info session for Winter School 2019

Winter School 2019 will run from Dec 24—27 and on Jan 6

We’ve planned all sorts of great activities involving programming, digital fab, crafts, digital and traditional art, and more for kids from grades K–6.

This year’s Winter School is structured so that kids from all skill levels—from those who’ve never touched a computer to those who want to try writing their own code—can all focus on lessons matched to their level of experience and skill.

Those interested in joining Winter School are invited to join an info session to learn more!

Register to attend an info session at the following link:

For those new to TECH PARK:

We’ll explain more about each day’s activities, how to apply, and more at the info sessions. You can also view our facilities and try out a simple programming trial lesson at that time, as well as ask any questions or concerns. Each session is limited to 6 people.

*Please contact us to request a private info session if none of the listed times work for you.

For TECH PARK members:

The TECH PARK Management Office will send out information and registration forms for Winter School to TECH PARK members on the evening of 10/4 (Fri). Please let us know if you don’t receive the email.