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Announcing Summer School 2018 info session dates!

Come learn about Summer School 2018 at TECH PARK

Summer School 2018 at TECH PARK will be open from 7/23–8/24! K–6th graders can come enjoy activities like programming, robotics, electronics, and much more!

Discover new passions by trying out all kinds of activities. Join on days with lessons you’re interested in, or on days when both parents need to work—there are all kinds of ways to enjoy TECH PARK.

Those interested in joining Summer School should come to an info session/trial lesson on the dates listed below!

First time joining TECH PARK?

We’ll explain about the Summer School 2018 activities and schedule, how to register, and more at the info sessions/trial lessons listed below. Attending a Season School trial lesson isn’t required, but we do ask parents and guardians to attend an info session to learn about TECH PARK’s policies and activities and to enroll as TECH PARK members. While we are happy to work with you to schedule info sessions according to your needs, there is a limit to 10 people per session.

Info session registration:

Sorry, these events have ended.

Summer School 2018 overview:

Dates: 7/23–8/24

Times: 9:30–18:00 (8:30–9:30, 18:00–21:00 childcare available as extra option)

Available seats: 20 students (K–3rd), 20 students (4–6th)*Registration will close when the last seat is filled

Registration period: 6/16 (Sat)–7/13 (Fri)

Items to bring: Laptop, homework/study materials, lunch

Location: TECH PARK (Tenjin CLASS 3F, 1-19-22 Imaizumi, Chuo, Fukuoka)

Details: Lunch bento boxes available to order, early morning and late night extension hours require additional cost.

How to apply: Attend an info session or trial lesson, fill out the registration forms, and make payment

Managed by: TECH PARK Management Office (Groovenauts, Inc)