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Summer School 2018 trial lessons on 6/16, 6/23, and 7/8!




Come try out a trial lesson for Summer School 2018 at TECH PARK! K–6th graders can have fun using computers and learning programming!




These trial lessons are aimed towards kids who haven’t really used computers before and will go from basics like using a mouse and touchpad up to creating a program. Kids use drag and drop to solve puzzles then move on to programming with their own illustrations.


We’ll also lead info sessions for Summer School 2018 and have a question and answer session, so feel free to come and ask any questions you have.





Sorry, these events have ended.


 K–6th *Consult with us about other ages

For kids and parents who:

 ・Are interested in TECH PARK ・Want to try programming ・Are interested in Summer School (We’ll give out Summer School 2018 registration forms at the info sessions) ・Are interested in the after school program

Available seats:

 5 people per session

Items to bring:

 Nothing *Kids should bring a laptop to Summer School 2018





Tenjin CLASS 3F, 1-19-22 Imaizumi, Chuo, Fukuoka, Fukuoka

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Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: My child has never used a computer. Can they attend?

Answer 1: Of course! The trial lesson will practice basics like using a mouse or trackpad.

Question 2: What kind of computers are the rental laptops?

Answer 2: MacBook Airs.

Question 3: Can preschoolers attend?

Answer 3: Preschoolers and below often lack the hand strength required to use the computers, so these activities are limited to kindergarteners and above.


Sorry, registration has closed.