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Play With Tech workshop on 10/1 (Sun)

TECH PARK will host a Play With Tech event on 10/1 where kids can enjoy making crafts using cool tech

Design your own light-up card!

Make designs on the computer, cut out the designs in felt using the laser cutter, and use conductive pens to draw lines to light up LEDs on your very own light-up card!

Use bats and pumpkins to make a Halloween design, Santas and trees for a Christmas card, or another theme of your choice!

Activity details

In the morning, kids will think about the design for their card and make the data for parts they’ll need. After eating lunch together, we’ll print out their parts using the laser cutter!

Once the felt parts are ready, kids will stick them to their cards, draw lines with the conductive pens, and create their light-up cards. They can then take their cards home to give as presents or to decorate their rooms!

Event details

Sorry, this event has ended.