TECH PARK | 福岡市 天神にある、テクノロジーと遊ぶアフタースクール(学童保育)



Hey, parents! No need to worry about lunch for kids during summer vacation!

Hi, everyone. This is the TECH PARK founder, Sasakumi.

Even though I keep saying "I'm gonna introduce all of the Summer School activities!!", I’ve missed lots of days already... I’m only managing once per week, much less every single day.

What’s more, registration for Summer School is closed as of last weekend... Sorry, everyone...

I’d like to address today’s post to all the people who registered, those who are considering joining in the future, and all the moms and dads.

People tend to think that TECH PARK is a place for kids to improve IT literacy and programming skills, but it’s more than that. There are many other things that we value.

One of our core values is to support working parents. With various problems surrounding gender equality, promoting women in the workforce, a declining birth rate, and the like, I think raising children may be more difficult than ever. And as a parent myself, I feel this very strongly.

When summer vacation starts, you have to worry about lunch as well as breakfast. It’s not as simple as just making it. In the summer, you have all kinds of worries like whether you should make a bento, or if you can give money to have kids purchase lunch, and if it will be healthy enough...

That’s why we’ve started having lunch boxes prepared for every day at TECH PARK’s Summer School this year. The lunch boxes will be made by the same chef who caters meals for meetings, parties, and lunches twice a week for employees at our parent company, Groovenauts.

Taste, nutrition, appearance, allergies, foods that kids enjoy, size, color, ingredients... All of these things have all been carefully tested by our staff to make sure these lunches more than just a standard lunch box!

Of course, many kids of Groovenauts employees will attend Summer School, and they’ve ordered the lunch boxes for all the days they’ll attend! That’s how delicious and cute these lunch boxes are. We hope you’ll take advantage of them this Summer.