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Girls Programming Day event on 7/2 (Sun) at TECH PARK!

Elementary school girls are invited to our Girls Programming Day event on 7/2 (Sun)!

We’ve held lots of trial lessons and events at TECH PARK,  and we often get asked questions like, "Do any girls attend? Isn't it just boys?" 

Actually, about 30-40% of TECH PARK members are girls, but we’re always looking for more ways to give more girls the chance to try programming.

“I love computers, games, and robots, and making things by myself.”

If we can give even one more girl like that the chance to try programming, then this event will be a great success! We hope this event can be kick-start a love of technology for those who attend.

Activity Details

Make a moving aquarium! (Lower-Elementary)

Use the visual programming language Viscuit to make an aquarium! Draw your own pictures and move them. By combining those two steps, we can make a finished product together. We’ll create an aquarium together, and you can also make your own creation.

*We also have other activities ready for those who aren’t used to using a computer yet.

Make an action game starring a cat! (Upper-Elementary)

Older students will use Scratch, a visual programming language, to program games.  This lesson will focus on the programming aspects, but kids who have enough time can also change the drawings to personalize their game.

Event details

Sorry, this event has ended.