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Make games with Scratch event for 4–6th graders on 7/8 (Sat)

4-6th graders can come try programming games with Scratch on 7/8 (Sat)!

This event is for upper-elementary students who are already comfortable with the alphabet and arithmetic. The lesson will also use concepts like coordinates and random numbers that they may not have studied they at school.

 Instead of just playing games, come try out creating your own! Those interested in our Summer School or Tech Courses should definitely check out this event!

Make games with Scratch!

Kids will use the Scratch programming language to create simple games. 。Scratch is a programming languages that beginners can use to start seeing real results without having to memorize writing correct syntax. 

Developed at the MIT Media Lab in America, Scratch can help kids gain an interest in programming as they create interactive animations, games, and more. Since it just requires using a mouse and minimal text input, even kids who have never tried programming can enjoy using Scratch at this event.

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Sorry, this event has ended.