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Spring School 2017 Info Sessions Announced


Spring School 2017 at TECH PARK KIDS will run from 3/21 (Tue) through 4/11 (Tue) for K–6th graders

Join Spring School to experience the unique TECH PARK curriculum with activities like game programming, robotics, electronics, and more.

We’re planning activities like:

  • Digital art and game making (programming)
  • Building robots cars you can control via PC
  • Creating your own dioramas using the 3D printer
  • Building machines that roll marbles through a course
  • Electronics workshops to learn about how energy works
  • Factory tours

And more!


We also provide computer training every day, so your child can enjoy TECH PARK even if they've never used computers or the internet.

We’ll explain more details about the curriculum and how to register for Spring School at our Open Schools and info sessions.

If your child is interested in computers, robots, or crafts, we invite you to come learn more about TECH PARK.



Sorry, these events have ended.