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Christmas and Hour of Code Event

TECH PARK KIDS will host an Hour of Code and Christmas-themed electronics event for K–6th graders on 12/10 (Sat)


1. Hour of Code: Intro to programming

Using the website, kids can try out programming in a game-like manner with themes like Minecraft and Angry Birds.

What’s the Hour of Code?

Hour of Code is an activity for spreading computer science education to children that started in the United States in 2013. By learning basic programming, kids can improve their creativity, problem-solving, and gain skills needed for any job. At the event, kids will learn basic programming for an hour while having fun using programs with familiar characters from Minecraft and Angry Birds. We hope this Hour of Code will help kids know that computer science is fun and creative work that anybody can do.

2. Intro to electronics: Light-up Christmas wreathes!


Use felt pieces cut out by our laser cutter and LEDs to create a light-up Christmas wreath.

Event details and registration

Sorry, this event has ended.