TECH PARK | 福岡市 天神にある、テクノロジーと遊ぶアフタースクール(学童保育)



TECH PARK Summer Camp in Okuhita


Even though TECH PARK is usually a place to try out the latest in programming, robotics, and that sort of thing, the event is about experiencing the "origin of technology" with activities like a fire starting contest!

Summer Camp is open to both TECH PARK members and non-members, so we hope to see you there!

Overnight in Okuhita: Learn from fire in nature

Come join us for an overnight summer camp in the great outdoors of Okuhita, far away from daily life where light is available at the flip of a switch.

Try you hand at making fire by spinning wood or using flint methods, then collect flowers and create your own floral candles.

Use the fire you started to cook camp meals, light your candles once it gets dark, gaze at the beautiful stars, and then sleep in the great outdoors.

Kids are welcome to join by themselves or you can attend as a family. Hope to enjoy lots of great experiences in nature with you at our summer camp!

Schedule and details

Sorry, this event has ended.