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Try out MOONBlock at a trial lesson on 6/12 (Sun)


Try out the visual programming language MOONBlock at TECH PARK KIDS

This trial lesson event will showcase one part of our curriculum, the visual programming language MOONBlock.

Those interested in TECH PARK KIDS are invited to come try it out!

Lesson details

MOONBlock is a visual programming language that lets you program games by connecting together pieces like a puzzle. Use basic programming concepts like order, branching, and repetition to create simple NES-style 2D games.

The lesson will start with creating a simple game while learning the basics of MOONBlock. Then, kids will be able to adjust the game settings to make them more interesting or difficult.

A great thing about MoonBlock is that you can make a game by combining the blocks and then display the Javascript source code for your game. Javascript is a language used for all sorts of webpages and services. Kids who want to take challenge themselves even more can work on their games using this source code.

Event details and registration

Sorry, this event has ended