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Summer School 2016 Info Sessions Announced


Come learn about Summer School 2016!

Summer School 2016 will have all kinds of great activities where you can try out all kinds of tech. Kids can use visual programming languages or even the full-fledged game development tool Unity to create games, create their very own toys with littleBits, use the 3D printer and laser cutter to make all kinds of crafts, and spend their summer holiday bringing their ideas to life.

Kids of all skill levels and experience with computers and technology are welcome to attend.

You can select from four courses to attend 8, 12, 16, or all 24 days of the program. Half-day plans for the afternoon only are also available.

*For the 8, 12, and 16 day plans, you must select which days you’ll attend in advance

We are also planning camps and factory tours as events. (Separate fee required)

To learn more about our Summer School curriculum, schedule, and how to apply, sign up to attend an info session on 6/12, 6/24, or 7/10 using the form below.


Sorry, this event has ended.