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How to join TECH PARK KIDS

We’ve been holding info sessions and trial lessons since October 2015 to recruit new members leading up to our opening in April 2016. In today’s post, we’d like to explain a bit about our enrollment process.

The TECH PARK enrollment process

(1: Info session, 2: Trial lesson, 3: Interview,  4: Enroll)

1. Info sessions for parents/guardians

The first step is to attend an info session for parents and guardians. These are small group sessions with 3–8 attendees where we explain TECH PARK KIDS’ after school service, tech-focused curriculum, facilities, daily schedule, application process, and more. There is also Q&A time where participants can ask any questions they have. We can also arrange for private info sessions if your schedule doesn’t fit with any of our group events, so please contact us if you need to arrange another time (60–90 minutes on weekday evenings or Saturday mornings).

2. Trial lessons for kids

Next, we’ll give a trial lesson for the kids of those who participated in an info session were kids can try out TECH PARK’s tech-focused curriculum. We’ve got lessons prepared for all skill levels, so don’t worry if your child has never used a computer. We’ll hold our trial lessons for 2–3 hours on Saturday afternoons, and we also have trial lessons scheduled for 1/31 (Sun) and 2/20 (Sat). More details about the contents of the trial lessons will be explained at the info sessions, so please join if you’re interested.

Reports from past trial lessons:


3. Interview

Finally, we’ll hold private interviews with those considering joining to discuss details about how you want to use TECH PARK, things to prepare for enrolling, optional services, and the like at a leisurely pace. You can also ask any questions that you weren’t able to during the info session or trial lesson. At the end of the interview, we’ll give you the necessary documents and explain how to enroll to be a member. We can arrange the schedule for interviews with you.
*Multiple interviews possible if requested.

4. Enroll

Once you’ve filled out and submitted the necessary papers for enrolling, the TECH PARK administration office will review your documents and approve you as a new TECH PARK member.  We’re planning exclusive events for members, so please look forward to those!

*Please understand that there may be cases when we have reached capacity and new members cannot be accepted.

Why this process?

TECH PARK KIDS is an after school program where kids can try new technology and get excited about and absorbed in the things they choose. Kids that come to TECH PARK will spend a lot of time here, so we want to make sure that we know about each child’s interests and hobbies, as well as what parents consider important, to make sure that we’re all on the same page regarding your child.

That’s why we meet several times during the admission process and provide trial lessons. We know your time is precious, so we appreciate your understanding about this process.