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Halloween workshop on 10/29 (Sun)

We’ll have a Halloween workshop for elementary schoolers at TECH PARK on 10/29 (Sun).

With Halloween now well established in Japan, we’ll be holding an activity on 10/29 (Sun) where kids can enjoy using tech to create spooky art.

Elementary schoolers can use a laser cutter, conductive pens (with ink that can be used to make electric circuits), and LEDs to make light-up cards.

Kids in lower grades can participate together with their parents, so we hope you'll take this opportunity to check out TECH PARK!

Halloween activities:

1.Listen to an explanation

We’ll start by explaining the day’s workshop. Learn about the tools we’ll use and even watch how the laser cutter works.

2.Design your card!

Before actually making your final card, we’ll start by first sketching out ideas.

Do you want to write your name on the card? How about using lots of colorful felt? You can design your own original card.

3.Make a light-up card!

Use the conductive pen to draw lines, attach LEDs, and stick on felt to create your card. You can follow your sketch carefully, or try out new ideas as they come up. Bring your ideas to life and to make a light-up Halloween card of your own!

4.Share your creation!

Share your card with others and check out what the other kids made. We’d like to hear about your ideas or favorite parts of your cards. Then, you can take your card home and display it however you'd like!

Event details:

Sorry, this event has ended.