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(Registration closed) Trial lessons for game programming and electronics on 7/10 (Sun)

Come join a trial lesson at TECH PARK KIDS

As we prep for Summer School, TECH PARK KIDS will hold a 2D game programming lesson using MOONBlock for upper-elementary students and an electronics workshop using littleBits for lower-elementary students.

Come try out some of our curriculum and see what our Summer School 2016 will be like!


2D game programming with MOONBlock (upper-elementary)

MoonBlock is a visual programming language that you can use to create 2D games by connecting together blocks like a puzzle. You can easily create NES-style games that adults will find nostalgic.

Kids can adjust settings to change the difficulty level, change the rules, or create their own game using their own ideas.

A great thing about MoonBlock is that you can make a game by combining the blocks and then display the Javascript source code for your game. Javascript is a language used for all sorts of webpages and services. Kids who want to take challenge themselves even more can work on their games using this source code.

Kids in 4th grade and up can some try programming action games at this event.


Electronics with littleBits (lower-elementary)

littleBits are electronic blocks that can stick together by magnets. By combining blocks with LED lights, small fans, or various sensors, kids can create simple electronics.

Use blue power blocks, pink switch blocks, and green output blocks to create toys that react to sound and light up, cars that can be controlled wirelessly, and all sorts of other things. With littleBits, you can have fun while learning about the mechanisms behind machines you use everyday like remote controls and electric fans.

This trial lesson’s theme is Intro to Electronics, and kids can enjoy combining LED lights, sound sensors, and more to create all sorts of machines.


Event details and registration

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