Fukuoka, Tenjin region afterschool TECH PARK

TECH PARK supports working mothers and fathers of elementary-aged kids through comprehensive after-school child care.

Flexible scheduling
between 2-9 PM


We're happy to make specialized arrangements according to your needs. Before or after other clubs, lessons, or cram school, your children are welcome at TECH PARK anytime between 2-9PM.

A fun, varied,
high-tech curriculum


TECH PARK goes beyond just teaching about technology. Our curriculum features workshops on programming, robotics, digital art, and other diverse skills that allow children to harness the power of technology to create new, exciting things of their own.

Homework, dinner, and bathtime done!
Kids get home ready for bed


Friendly staff help check homework, healthy dinners are available, and children can use the shower room to clean up before heading home.
After a full day of fun, your child can tell you all about their new discoveries before getting a great night's sleep.

Our partner taxi service
provides safety and peace of mind


Kind, reliable Fukuoka Nishitetsu Taxi drivers are available for transportation service. Easily make arrangements for pickup or dropoff to and from school, home, grandma or grandpa's, cram school, a caregiver's office, or other locations according to your needs.
Business partner information: Fukuoka Nishitetsu Taxi