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Summer School Report #7: Field trips to the TOTO Museum and Shabondama Soap factory

Hello from the TECH PARK staff! Today we’ll be reporting on the second half of our Summer School field trips!

On 8/9, we took a trip to the TOTO museum

We learned all about toilets and the history of bathrooms at the TOTO Museum in Kitakyushu. Everyone enjoyed getting the story behind the bathtubs, showers, and toilets they use each day.

In addition to bathroom-related things, the kids were surprised to see tableware and other goods at the museum. With their cameras in hand, they took pictures upon pictures of even the tiniest details.


Learning about how toilets are made and checking out their inner workings.


Watching a history of TOTO commercials with rapt attention.


This seems to have been a motorcycle TOTO used at events. The kids loved its toilet and toilet paper and took lots of photos.


Hearing the history leading up to the creation of toilet.


Carefully reading the panels even after hearing the tour guide’s explanation.


This display used lights to explain a shower’s spray. The mesmerized kids took a long time to move on from here!

On 8/23, we took a trip to the Shabondama Soap Co., Ltd. factory

We had a great time watching soap being manufactured and learning the merits of additive-free soap at the factory. It was a hot day and quite a trip to and from the factory, so we were all exhausted by the time we got back. Still, we had lots of fun playing together until pickup time.


Everyone lined up and excitedly waiting for the factory tour to begin.


They were surprised to learn that workers carefully touch—and even lick!—the soap to check if everything is correct.


Taking pictures of the soap chips the guide showed us during her explanation.

dsc00084 dsc00081

The kids worked hard to get photos of every step of the soap-making process!


All sorts of soap made at the factory were on display. Of course, the kids had to buy some for mom and dad!


Once the soap is made and packaged, it sits in a warehouse until it’s finally shipped. This was another popular spot, as the kids were totally enthralled by the machine that automatically sorted boxes onto the shelves.


Taking a break after the factory tour. It was really hot that day!

On both field trips, the kids were excited to learn and experience things they couldn’t on a regular day. We loved hearing the kids express things like “Whoa, so that’s how that’s made!”

We’re planning more great field trips for our next Season School programs. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to join! As a final note, we’d like to give a big thanks to everyone involved with making these trips possible!